Our Boats + Safety Equipment

With a total carrying capacity of 57 people, Kawarau Jet Rotorua is the perfect choice for your group or team building exercise. For the last five years KJet Rotorua has also been using high octane biofuel containing 10% bioethanol. All our boats use the tried and trusted Hamilton 212 jet units and adhere to the highest safety and maintenance standards. 


Purpose built Jet Boat made specifically for the conditions on Lake Rotorua. The boat runs a 350 V8 Chevy motor and is surveyed for up to 11 people.


This is the newest boat in the fleet with its sleek design turning heads whenever it hits the water. It is running an experimental motor based on an XR6 Turbo Engine. Once the Research and Development is complete it will have twin engines, making it one of the fastest commercial jet boats in the country. This boat is surveyed for up to 18 people. It too was designed and built specifically for use on Lake Rotorua.


This is the "Big Boy" of the fleet and runs two Chevy 350 V8's. It is surveyed for up to 28 people and has a top speed of 85km per hour.

KJet Parasailing

This is a purpose built vessel running two Yamaha 150 horsepower outboard engines. You will take off and land on the boat so no water contact or previous experience is necessary. All harnesses, parachutes and associated equipment is certified to the highest standards and regularly assessed and maintained.

Safety Equipment

All boats are equipped with extensive safety equipment, radios and onboard safety mechanisms to ensure your protection against all possible scenarios.

Lifejackets / Spray Jackets

All customers are supplied with spray jackets to keep you warm and dry and lifejackets for your safety. You MUST wear a lifejacket. Spray jackets are optional but highly recommended, especially in the winter months